Best Postpartum Jeans 2019

Finding postpartum jeans can be challenging. And if you’re like me and need to participate in newborn baby photos, you’re going to want to look nice and feel confident. There are several options for postpartum jeans, and none of these involve you continuing to wear your maternity jeans. Even though you feel like you still look pregnant, there’s a very good chance that your maternity jeans are going to fall short of making you feel comfortable in your new body. Compression leggings and high-waist jeans are going to be your new friend, and thank goodness that high-rise options are stylish again! No low-rise jeans are ever kind to a postpartum belly. So you’ll find my favorite jeans below (I listed my absolutely favorite pair first).

Postpartum Jeans Option 1: American Eagle Super Soft High Waisted Jeggings

american eagle postpartum jeans

I love these American Eagle jeans because they keep my stomach hidden. And they also give my legs some shape too. They are also ultra stretchy so you don’t feel like you need to take them off the minute you get home from being out and about. Also, unlike some high-rise Gap jeans that I have, these do not lose shape. Which is good, because come mid-day, the Gap high-rise jeans that I had were super slouchy and made me feel awful about my body. I also have another pair of these that I got in the long length so that I could cuff them.

Postpartum Jeans Option 2: Express High Waisted Stretch+ Performance Denim Perfect Leggings

express postpartum jeans

These Express jeans are structured, look slimming (particularly in the darker colors), and can be dressed up or down. Plus, I have to love most jeans that have a stretch. And because these jeans are more structured, they won’t lose their fit as the day goes on. These are a bit thicker than other jeans which is what, in part, allows them to be more structured.

Depending on how much of your postpartum stomach you are trying to hide, you could also try mid-rise options, but the ones above are the tried-and-true pairs that I wear to this very day.

Postpartum Jeans Option #3: Bounceback Cropped Jeans

bounceback jean postpartum jean motherhood

If you’re not quite comfortable wearing regular jeans, but your maternity jeans are falling off, a good in-between option is Bounceback jeans. These jeans have a compression waistband that holds you in. Also, they are high waisted, which is more flattering too. I wore these jeans almost exclusively when I returned back to work. And, if you don’t find that cropped jeans are your thing, here’s the full-length version of the bounceback jean.

Compression Leggings

High-rise compression leggings are a close friend of mine, and my favorite ones are from Old Navy. Compression leggings are nice because they allow you hide your stomach area in a flattering way. These leggings are also incredibly stretchy, which is perfect for a changing body.

I prefer my compression leggings to come in black as I’m usually in a rush to leave the house. Black is an easy color to match any top to, and it’s also slimming.

bounceback jean postpartum jean motherhood

Bounceback Leggings

bounceback leggings postpartum leggings motherhood

Similar to Bounceback jeans, these leggings have a compression mesh waist that holds in your postpartum belly. These leggings are very soft, and I found these especially handy when I was returning to work. Trying to squeeze into anything with a real waistband was awful, so I’m glad the Bounceback line was available to me.

What are your favorite postpartum jeans and postpartum legging options? I’d love to hear from you!


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